The Place of Dead Roads by Joachim Koester (2014)



The Place of Dead Roads is a western structured around the choreography of a shootout. Four dirty, down and out, androgynous cowboys adopt the ritual poses from the Western genre – twirling their pistols in their hands, aiming, falling and so on – however, contrary to those in a film, these poses have no narrative or chronological order and appear to be dictated by messages from a secret world buried somewhere deep within. Gradually their actions come to resemble an odd kind of dance. The setting of the film is an underground world and the cowboys roam around in a confusing maze of passages and rooms.

Dancers Pieter Ampe, Boglarka Börcsök, Liz Kinoshita and Halla Olafsdottir take on different poses, draw and aim their gun, attack and defend in a seemingly uncontrollable stream of jerky movements and expressions.